Amplifying organizational impact.

We work with innovative, caring companies that want to create increased positive impact in their communities. With our network of 800+ distribution partners, we are able to efficiently get gift cards directly into the hands of people who need them.


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Receiving this gift card not only helped to feed my family, it also helped me realize that you are not alone in this and we all have to work together for a better tomorrow.


We love that the cards are good for more than just food items.

Access to hygiene products and fuel has had a very positive reception from our clients. One gentleman was worried he would lose his job because he couldn't afford fuel to get there. You saved his livelihood!

Caritas Outreach Ministries


A single mom who is between jobs called, asking if there was any way we could assist her to be prepared for her young daughter's birthday.

We already had a gift bag with a cake mix, frosting, candles and a fun card at the ready for her...and snuck in a gift card to assist further. She cried in gratitude at the unexpected help. The gift card eases immediate need. It doesn't solve everything, of course, but it provides a buffer of sorts that softens the pressures of a particularly hard day.

Kuna Food Bank


It was nice to be able to purchase items that my family likes to eat and that celebrates our culture instead of just having items selected by someone else.


A veteran came to our pantry the other day and said that his utility bill was so high that he was trying to use his wood fire instead.

He didn't have any money for firewood and we were headed into a very cold long weekend. We were able to give him two $50 gift cards to purchase the wood he would need to get him through the frigid temperatures we were facing.

Mountain Resource Center


There is a wife and husband that have been coming in to use the pantry for the past couple of months.

They do not speak a word of English; we usually try to communicate to them through Google Translate. They are Ukrainian and I believe came here to seek refuge. When I handed her the gift card for Thanksgiving, she broke down crying. I went around the table to hug her, and I cried. She expressed that they can’t work, and it meant so much to her.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center

Rhode Island

When there was a formula shortage, people on WIC at first were only authorized to use it for a specific formula.

Gift cards allowed them to purchase whatever formula was available, regardless of brand. This kept babies fed!

West Seattle Food Bank


Scaling Point of Sale Donations with Nourishing Neighbors

We are proud to work with the Albertsons Companies Foundation to help raise and distribute gift cards across the communities they serve.

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