Helping communities give the gift of choice.

We are a nonprofit organization that manages the distribution of gift cards to those in need, acting as a catalytic partner for retailers, donors and organizations doing good.


distributed to families

Neighbors making change.

"I want to thank you for helping me during this time of need! The gift card you provided allowed me to get some essential things my daughter and I need while we transition into our new life! You all are such a blessing!"


"These gift cards made the difference in actually having food or not this week for my family. If it hadn’t been for them I don’t know what I would’ve done."


"I didn’t know how I was going to get my baby diapers and household stuff we needed. You sent me a gift card when I least expected it but most needed it."


"We were not only able to buy food from the grocery store, I was able to purchase gas so that I could get to job interviews and personal items to keep our hygiene intact. Thank you so much."


Amplifying impact.

Making it simple to give the gift of choice.

How It Works

  • A Simple System
    We partner with innovative companies to help scale philanthropic donations from their customers and members.
  • A Local Impact
    We distribute gift cards to deserving people, families, and nonprofit organizations within the same communities where funds are raised.
  • A Gift of Choice
    Recipients have a traditional shopping experience, with the freedom to choose food and other essentials based on their unique needs.
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